Security labels

Adhesive security labels (also known as tamper-evident labels) are typically used to seal doors, boxes, medical kits, confidential envelopes or packages. To prevent fraud, simply stick the security label on the material to be kept closed. The security label is sensitive to any attempt at intrusion or theft. Thus, a void message will appear on the support when it is removed. With the VOID tamper evident label, you can deter attempts to tear off or tamper with the label in order to guarantee and preserve the integrity of the products. Widely used in the maritime, rail and road transport sectors, but also in the food industry, the luxury sector and the hospital sector. 

If the support is marked before the planned opening, it is because it has undergone a fraudulent act. Self-adhesive security seals are available in the form of a roll or a plate of several adhesive labels. The void adhesive strip of some self-adhesive labels can be custom marked. Customize the color and message, with different formats available. Supplied from 100 pieces (or 5 rolls of VOID tapes). Our labels can be affixed to all surfaces. 

Do not hesitate to request a quote so that our team can send you samples of each label to make the right choice.

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