Metallic body

Etigo offers you a wide range of cable seals with metal body, in stock or customizable.

The metal body cable seal is ideal for the transport of goods and for logistics. This type of high security seal is used to protect cargo during transport, to secure truck trailers and tanks in road transport, but also containers in sea or rail transport. It is also widely used in air transport, but also by customs.

This metal security seal is indispensable to limit theft and attempted break-ins.  It is very resistant to temperature variations. We offer seals with a galvanized steel rod from 1 to 5 mm diameter, with a total length up to 300 mm as standard and much longer lengths on request. The wire rope seal is particularly strong with a tensile strength of up to 600 kg.

The cable seal is available in many colours, allowing personalisation and identification at a glance. Thus the cable seal is used by the inspection authorities to identify the year of inspection (black in 2020, green in 2021 and blue in 2022), especially for slings.

A large part of our cable seals is compliant with the ISO 17712 standard, with a grade H for diameters greater than 3.5mm (ISO 17712 H).

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