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3300 square meters Warehouse with stock of almost 2000 references .

Manage of your buffer stocks, possibility to space out deliveries.

conseil personnalisé

A personal consulting, sales people dedicated to their products range.

solutions sur mesure

Etigo offer you tailor-made solutions.

We review our princing depending quantity.



(In more than 60 countries)

Qui sommes-nous ?
Located in Northern France, 15 km from Lille, Etigo (created in 1954 as Facdem) is specialised in manufacturing and distributing cable ties, security seals, identification items and control wristbands.
Our workshop is equipped with hotfoil and laser machines,
 in order to provide shortest lead time on customised products and meet your deadlines. 

When you chose Etigo, you chose to be listened to, to get quick answers and to be offered quality service.

In January 2014 all these efforts were rewarded by ISO 9001/2008 certification and 2015 version in 2017.

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