Plastic seals

Etigo offers you a wide range of security articles to be affixed to your goods. The plastic seal with metal insert is ideal for the protection of goods. Choose the Etigo quality for the management of your bags, the transport of cash, containers, crates, trailers and other industrial products. We offer a wide range of highly resistant plastic seals, some of which have a tensile strength of up to 70 kg. The affixing of plastic security seals thus allows you to improve the protection of your goods in order to deter possible thieves.

Plastic seals can be customized by choosing the colour, the numbering (unique double numbering) but also the size. The packaging of the seals is made from 100 pieces. Choose your plastic seals with simple or progressive tightening. Our plastic seals are ultra-resistant and adapted to difficult conditions. The seals are ideal for securing valves, boxes and many others.

Many colours are available and customised marking can be made on request.


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