How to choose my wristbands ?

How to choose my wristbands ?

For small or large events, trade fairs, concerts, sports events, think of event wristbands! Single-use entrance ticket, tamper-proof payment solution, discover our wide range of customisable wristbands. They are available in different colours.

Comfortable models to wear on the wrist to offer a unique experience to your users.

They can be used to secure events or specific sites (swimming pool, camping...).

Some of our wristbands can also be used as advertising material. Depending on your budget and your event, choose the perfect personalised wristband to match your image.

Tyvek wristbands 

Untearable paper economical event wristbands, waterproof with adhesive closing, single use. Perfect for short use. Free of any marking or customized. 1 color for logo or text (black, blue, red or green). Access control in best price !

bracelet tyvek

• Perfect for short use

• Free of any marking or customized

• Le contrôle au meilleur prix !

• Tous nos bracelets tyvek 

Eco-responsible event bracelets

For events that are committed to the planet, discover the ecological event bracelet to wear around the wrist.

bracelet vinyle

• Choice of materials: bamboo, silicone

• Can be customised  

• The eco-responsible check!

• All our eco-responsible bracelets 

Vinyl event bracelet

The great quality of the vinyl bracelet is its waterproofness, the companion of your outdoor events. It offers maximum security thanks to its plastic clip pressure and therefore its single use. Ideal for long term use for visitor identification.

bracelet vinyle

• Customisation by screen printing (logo, text, barcode, numbering)

• Wide range of different colours

• The right compromise for long term use at a reasonable price

• All our vinyl wristbands

Thermal event bracelet

Economical, waterproof polypropylene film wristband with single-use adhesive closure.

bracelet thermique

• Ideal for use from 1 to 5 days

• Personalization by black thermal printing (logo, text, barcode, QR code, numbering, etc.) via our thermal printer

• The advantage of unique personalisation at low cost

• All our thermal wristbands

Event bracelet fabric

Single-use or reusable, waterproof fabric event wristband in polyester or satin.

bracelet en tissu

• Ideal for long term use for visitor identification

• Customisation by embroidery or sublimation (logo or text)

• Wide range of colours available

• All our fabric wristbands

Silicone wristband for events

Durable, reusable and waterproof silicone wristband. Ideal for long term use, giveaways or promotional goodies. Can be personalised by silk-screen printing, embossing or relief printing (logo, text, barcode, QR code, numbering, etc.).

bracelets en silicone

• Wide range of colours available

• Different sizes on request

• All our silicone wristbands

RFID event wristband

Wristband with a rechargeable RFID chip. Plastic or fabric wristband to be used for different events.

Bracelet RFID

• Ideal for multi-day use

• Wide range of materials and colours for RFID wristbands

•Makes it easy to pay for purchases at an event

• Learn more about the uses of RFID


Reusable and waterproof reflective vinyl wristband/armband with metal core.


• Ideal for long term use for identification of security personnel. Can be personalised with a logo or text by screen printing

• Wide range of colours available

• Our slapband


Reusable and waterproof wristband made of soft PVC with metal ring.


• Ideal for use as a key ring

• Wide range of colours available

• Our Spiralband

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