ECO-RESPONSIBLE - Silicone bracelet - without marking on stock or customizable

Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces

These silicone wristbands can be used several times. Plain, debossed, embossed or simply printed, they are conditionned in one-piece bags.

They are available in a wide range of colours, which can be mixed by 500 pcs series.

We have some plain wristbands in stock, in adult (180x12x2mm and 200x12x2 mm) as well as in chilren sizes (160x12x2 mm and 180x12x2 mm)

Free samples on request

Single Use :
Material :
Standard packaging :
50 pcs bags
MOQ for stock product :
100 pcs
MOQ personalised products :
100 pcs
HS Code :
39 26 90 97
Delivery Deadline :
(sans marquage) 48/72h
Desired quantity :
Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces
The Etigo's note

This personalized or without marking silicone bracelet on stock is a single-use identification bracelet designer for entry controls during festivals, private parties, concerts, sporting events but also reserved areas such as camping, swimming pool, holiday club...

The silicone bracelet is one of the eco-friendly products acting as the best alternative to plastic.

It is a safer material for the planet because it releases no toxic substances.

Even thoughn the silicone bracelet without marking or customizable is not biodegradable, it is durable and offers great possibilities for recycling. It is also almost infinitely reusable.

This eco-friendly wristband meets your environmental responsibilities as well as your access control needs.

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