What are the characteristics of the maternity bracelet?

What are the characteristics of the maternity bracelet?

Mandatory in French institutions, the maternity bracelet is used to identify the mother and the newborn. It is put on their wrist or ankle after delivery. The bracelet consists of a rectangular part on which the midwife comes to write the name and surname of each person or to affix a self-adhesive label with these different indications. Birth bracelets also have an identical serial number to avoid baby exchanges. It is made of non-toxic, waterproof and resistant vinyl. It can be removed as soon as you get home with a pair of scissors.

The advantages of the maternity birth bracelet

• Economical
• Disposable
• Convenient and tamper-proof closure thanks to plastic pressure
• Easy adjustment at wrist size thanks to several holes
• No risk of irritation or cuts

At Etigo, the hospital birth bracelet comes in two models. 

The mother-child maternity bracelet

This is the most classic model, it takes the form of two bracelets to separate. One large for the mother and one smaller for the infant. They are labelled with a label on which you must write with a permanent marker or ballpoint pen. Pink, blue and white colours are available for this model.

mother-child maternity bracelet

• Lengths: 162 mm for the child, 238 mm for the mother

• Label dimensions: 54 x 17 mm for the child, 62 x 25 mm for the mother

• Packaging: boxes of 50 pieces

• The mother-child maternity bracelett

The twin mother maternity bracelet

This model is specially designed for a mother who has given birth to twins. It consists of three detachable bracelets, one large and two smaller. All three have the same serial number and are available in white only.

twin mother maternity bracelet

• Lengths: 169 mm for the child, 248 mm for the mother

• Label dimensions: 50 x 15 mm for the child, 60 x 22 mm for the mother

• Packaging: boxes of 50 pieces

• The twin mother maternity bracelet

There is a third bracelet specially designed for infants. It is used to identify babies placed in neonatal care. It consists of comfortable foam and a velcro closure that does not hurt the baby. A rectangular label measuring 60 x 25 millimetres is used to record the information necessary for its identification. The infant hospital bracelet is available in boxes of 50 and can be ordered from 250 pieces. Three colours are available, white, blue and pink.