ECO-RESPONSIBLE - Recycled fabric bracelet + plastic pressure - customizable

Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces

This control wristband is an eco-responsible model since it is entirely recyclable. Its fabric and clip are made of recycled material.

New from Etigo: its perforations are pre-cut, which prevents the fabric from fraying when cut, ideal for children's sizes or small wrists. 

A single-use recycled fabric bracelet

The fabric bracelet closes and adjusts with a small plastic snap. Once the pressure is tightened, it is impossible to remove or exchange the bracelet with another person. It can be used for several days to control access to an event or a specific site (festival, concert, sports competition, meeting, camping, swimming pool, hotel...). 

The fabric bracelet can be ordered from 100 pieces. It can be customized with an image, a logo and a text (sublimation marking). Its weaving can be composed of 8 different colors.

Available colours :
Single Use :
Standard packaging :
100 pcs bags
Delivery time for personalised product :
3 to 4 weeks
MOQ for stock product :
100 pcs
MOQ personalised products :
100 pcs
HS Code :
63 07 90 1000
Desired quantity :
Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces
Le plus Etigo


The Etigo's note

Etigo promotes reusable eco-friendly wristbands like this recycled fabric event wristband.

Recycled fabric is a simple ecological solution that saves raw materials, water and energy resources and avoids pesticides and dyes.

Here, the resealable fabric and clip are made of PET, i.e. recycled polyester from waste that has had a first life. This guarantees the absence of virgin oil at the origin of the fiber and a low consumption of water and energy in production.

This material allows, in addition, prolonged use.

This recycled fabric wristband is an eco-friendly product that will fit perfectly into your CSR approach or zero waste policy.

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