The packaging of a product

The packaging of a product

There is a wide range of packaging products for transport and sale. Some are intended for food commodities, others for non-food products.

The food packaging

Food packaging helps to protect food during transport and ensure hygiene. The different types of food packaging constitute a barrier that slows down or eliminates the risk of permeability to certain elements such as dust, light or humidity.

The packaging bag

packaging bag

The packaging bag is available in kraft paper or plastic. The plastic bag is closed with a plastic clip or a metal tie. This plastic packaging prevents product degradation. The plastic bag is perfectly adapted to the preservation of essential oils in coffee or the aromas in tea. The kraft paper bag is suitable for bakery products, such as pastries or dry products sold in bulk.

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The blister packaging

It is a packaging that allows the products to be placed directly on the shelf. The food is placed in a tray and then covered with a plastic film to protect it. It can be found, for example, in the cheese or catering department. This type of packaging is then personalized with the application of a label containing all the necessary and mandatory information such as the selling price, the bar code, the expiry date, etc. In addition to informing the consumer, this labelling facilitates traceability and product quality control.

The fruit and vegetable packaging

Whole fruits and vegetables can be packed in fillets or trays. These packages are designed to include mandatory information such as the nature of the product, its country of origin and the price.

The packaging net

bip attache

The woven packaging net allows food to breathe. It is available in many colours and can be closed with a plastic link. The extruded net allows fruit and vegetables to be packed without any risk of tearing. For large packaging, it is possible to add a plastic handle for a good grip.

• The attachment for extruded net

The packaging tray

This process allows the food to be positioned in a rigid and transparent tray. Fruits and vegetables can then be protected by a perforated top film or stretch film that adheres to the product.

The non-food packaging

Non-food packaging is intended to package a finished product, such as firewood, building materials, products for animal departments...

The big bag packaging

Big bag packaging is perfectly suited to volumes ranging from 0.25 to 1 m3. This allows dry or wet aggregates, sand or gravel to be packaged. Straps are used to handle these packages, which are quite heavy to carry.

The cardboard holder and the clamping link

tightening link screwdriver

The cardboard support is more and more used, because it allows to enhance the value of the product. Its closure is ensured by a self-locking clamping link that is adapted exactly to the dimensions of the product. Links exist in a wide variety of colours. Made of nylon, they are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and are not damaged by solvents or greases.

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The packaging box

The packaging box comes in all sizes, from mini plastic boxes, to pack toothpicks, to cardboard boxes, to transport wine bottles or other liquids. The box can be rectangular, square, round or oval. It can be used to condition just about anything. This type of packaging can be customized to suit the size of the object. It can also contain cells that adapt to the contours of the transported product and prevent it from moving in the box during transport. It is possible to add cushioning particles to protect very fragile objects.

Packaging of high value-added products

void security label

The packaging of a high value-added product requires a secure closure that allows immediate detection of an unauthorized opening attempt. By affixing a Void security label, resistant to both UV and humidity, it guarantees effective protection of its contents. This is the assurance for the consumer to receive a product as packaged. If there is an attempt to open, one part of the label remains stuck on the package, while the other part cannot be glued back on. It is a double security that is put in place by the packaging. This type of label is to be affixed to all packages with fragile or dangerous contents.

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