Lanyard - Corn fiber

Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces
Reference : TDC_SERI

Lanyards are the perfect solution for all types of needs: personnel identification, events, trade shows.

These lanyards are made of corn fiber, an ecological and biodegradable material. They are available in 10, 15 & 20mm or made to measure. 

The quality of the material guarantees durability and resistance. You have a wide choice of several colors thanks to the Pantone color chart allowing you to show off your brand identity and customize the product as you wish. 

The silkscreen marking offers quality customization (monochrome). It is possible to print all logos and colors on one or both sides. A team of dedicated graphic designers takes care of the production of your final page proof.

Practical and light, you can hang a badge holder on them for your cards or exhibitor badges, for example.

Choose yours accessories :

Available colours :
Main application fields :
Fairs, meet professionals, pass VIP...
Material :
Total length :
900 mm
Width :
15, 20 or 25 mm
Ex stock :
Standard packaging :
100 pcs bags
Delivery time for personalised product :
4 to 6 weeks
MOQ personalised products :
100 pcs
HS Code :
63 07 90 1000
Possible Marking :
Silk-screen printing
Desired quantity :
Minimum quantity : 100 pieces, conditioning : by 100 pieces
Le plus Etigo


The Etigo's note

Need an eco-friendly lanyard for the management of your visitors, volunteers, speakers, VIPs, exhibitors?

An eco-responsible product, the corn fiber choker is a renewable and recyclable textile fiber similar to polyester made from starch.

This synthetic fiber of vegetable origin, or Inego fiber, represents an ideal alternative to petrochemicals and polyester.

It is a material of excellence to express your environmental sensitivity and your CSR commitment.

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