Etigo, your professional wholesaler

Etigo, your professional wholesaler

At Etigo, we specialize in the manufacture and distribution of products for professionals. We offer a personalization service (hot stamping and laser) applicable to some of them. We have a large warehouse that allows us to store more than 90% of our range and to set up fast shipping times. We collaborate with companies from different sectors of activity: car manufacturers, food processing plants, hospitals, event agencies, construction companies, transport companies, various industries and businesses, plumbers, electricians, heating specialists... We apply decreasing prices on certain B to B products and can produce customized packaging if necessary. We also send free samples so that you can test our products and validate your choice between several references.

The advantages of your professional Etigo supplier

• Delivery within 24 / 72 hours if the order is placed before noon
• Free delivery from 75 euros excluding VAT
• Personalization carried out on site
• Refund or exchange of virgin products for 6 months
• Team at your disposal by phone

The ranges offered by your wholesale supplier

Etigo offers five product categories for professionals: security, fixing, events, medical and RFID.

Professional products for security

This range includes plastic seals, security labels, traditional seals, meter seals...

total transfer security label

Which companies are they aimed at ?

EDF seals are used by electricians to secure meters. Nail seals are used to lock the doors of trucks carrying various goods. They are suitable for carriers and all professionals who need to ship products.

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B to B articles for fixing

This category includes plastic and stainless steel cable ties, reusable fasteners, identification items, tags and tools...

stainless steel collar

Which professionals are they addressing ?

Stainless steel clamps are used by plumbing companies to connect pipes or mechanics to connect a transmission bellows. Label fasteners are used by ready-to-wear retailers to label clothing. Reusable plastic fasteners allow food retailers to sell bulk food in bags and close them permanently.

RFID technology

It includes RFID seals, RFID bracelets, RFID key rings...

rfid key ring

Etigo, your RFID supplier

RFID products can be used by different professionals: event organisers, sports halls, private car parks or any other place with limited access...

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Event material

It includes identification bracelets, necklaces, armbands, control pliers, tokens....

tyvek bracelet

Etigo, your event supplier for professionals

Event bracelets are used to identify participants in a festival, private party or sports competition. Neckbands are worn by exhibitors at a trade show, concert artists or journalists. All the products in this range are intended for event agencies and organizers of various events.

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Medical products

It includes medical bracelets, articles for staff identification, security seals for the hospital sector....

hospital name tag

Etigo, your medical equipment supplier

These B to B items are suitable for hospitals, maternity hospitals, nursing homes... Medical control bracelets can be used to identify patients. Name tags are attached to gowns and are used to identify staff. Specific seals secure and prevent access to dangerous medical equipment.

Thanks to the diversity of products on offer, Etigo becomes your supplier of plumbing, hardware or any other professional accessory. Make a bulk purchase from Etigo and benefit from a preferential rate! Do not hesitate to contact your future professional wholesaler by phone on 03 20 28 28 87 31 to find out more about his products.

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