How do I fix a garden hose?

How do I fix a garden hose?

The garden hose is not always handled gently. It is rolled up, twisted and bent in all directions. Even if it is made of reinforced rubber, it can sometimes be cut and thus cause water to leak. We explain how to repair the leak.

The equipment

For this operation you will need tape or a marker, liquid soap, a fitting and two clamps. Note that there are repair kits for garden hoses that include the connector and the appropriate clamps directly.

Repairing the garden hose

• First, turn off the water.
• Look for the leak. If you can't find it, run some water to locate it. Then turn the water off.
• Remove the nozzle. Mark the leak with the marker or tape.
• Cut the pipe twice at the leak, leaving two centimetres on each side of the hole. Place the ends in hot soapy water to soften the rubber and make the fitting easier to install.
• Have a hose clip on each end and the connector in the center. Screw it all together and reconnect the water. Run and check that the leak is sealed.


In winter, store your garden hose in a shed or protected area. Empty the water inside so it doesn't freeze. Wrap it on a hose reel or flat if you don't have one. Also in the summer, avoid leaving it in the sun as it will become brittle and could become perforated if it is bent.

Our hose clamps for garden hoses

At Etigo, we offer several stainless steel clamps that can be used to repair a garden hose.