The hose clamp

The hose clamp

What is a hose ?

Hoses are one of the most important parts of the engine. With different roles, they allow fuel or oil to be transported through a network of pipes, water to be supplied between the radiator and the engine or air to be circulated between the engine and the filter.

Made of rubber or silicone, the hose is treated according to the liquid it must carry. The inside of the hose consists of a first layer of rubber and a second layer of fabric which makes it totally waterproof and pressure resistant. Placed on the outside, the third layer is made of stainless steel braiding. It is used to protect the liquid from the aggressions suffered inside the engine: heat, chemicals, friction...

When to change a hose ?

To avoid failure, it is necessary to change the hoses of a car about every 10 years. If the hoses wear too much, they can crack and cause various leaks.

How to fix the hose clamps?

The hose clamps are used to connect both ends of the hose to the liquid pipes. When changing hoses, it is also necessary to renew the hose clamps. Made of stainless steel, they will be easy to loosen even after many years of use. However, it will still be necessary to use a suitable clamp to remove them.

The hose clamp is available in several models. Its fixing depends on the model chosen.

In any case, once the old hose has been removed, the new hose should be placed by inserting the clamps around it. To maximize its life, the hose should be placed in its initial position according to the markings on the part. Once properly placed, the collars can be tightened.

What are the different hose clamps ?

The wire clamp

It consists of a double wire and is tightened with a nut and a screw. It has a very high resistance but tends to cut the rubber of the hose.

stainless steel clamp

The ligature hose clamp

It has two belts that are tightened by a cotter pin. This clamp has a high clamping capacity but is quite complicated to use.

stainless steel rack and pinion clamp

The screw clamp

This is the easiest model to use. It is used with a screwdriver and has a high clamping capacity.

If when changing your hose you only have clamps that are too small for its diameter, you can screw two clamps together. Do not overtighten the hose as this may result in partial cutting.

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