The VOID label: An anti-theft security seal

The VOID label: An anti-theft security seal

  Security seal

Many companies face recurring security concerns. Goods intended for sale are the object of all lust on the part of customers as well as certain crooked employees. It is a puzzle that leaves no respite. Financial losses can amount to millions. In some cases, promoters have gone bankrupt, the damage suffered was so great.

However, there is a commonly used asset preservation technology: VOID. It’s a popular security seal for consumers and business owners. If you are looking for effective and lasting protection, this is the one for you.

VOID: what is it?

The VOID can have several names: anti-theft, anti-fraud or anti-counterfeiting. It is actually a very sophisticated security mechanism for packaging and materials. The purpose of this innovative device is to permanently seal the conditioned packages.

As soon as the condemned package is opened, the anti-theft system is activated. A word or group of words suddenly appears, confirming the tampering of the packaging. Generally, the message used is VOID (it means void or canceled in French). The VOID is therefore an adhesive label worn on the products. It leaves an indelible mark when it is removed. With this process, the reliability and security of all your packages is guaranteed. In addition, it is impossible to replace the tape after removal.

Why use a VOID system?

The VOID system essentially helps to identify, mark and prevent security risks. The sealed label is tamper-proof. If you fear for your professional equipment and goods intended for sale or transport, this security technique will protect your goods.

The advantages of VOID

There are many advantages to using the VOID system:

- Personalization: The models can be designed according to your graphic charter (colors, slogans).

- Protection: This is the main advantage. The VOID protects you from theft of your goods by virtue of its dissuasive nature. As soon as the packaging undergoes a slight peeling pressure, the double security is activated: Only on the label with transfer. The alert message is immediately printed. Gluing the adhesive tape will be impossible. The product will be preserved in all circumstances.

- Anti-fraud marking coupled with a guarantee of authenticity: Counterfeiting is an important problem. Unscrupulous promoters can usurp your brand, your logo and your property in order to make a copy. Unfortunately, the imitations are still of inferior quality.

- Solidity: The VOID is durable (recommended validity of 1 year maximum)! There is no risk of having an accidental opening.

- Ease of use: Affixing the security tape is very simple. You will not have any particular difficulty.

- Resistance: It easily withstands temperature variations between 10 and 35 ° C. However, each label has its properties. So remember to check the temperature variations.

By falling on the wrong goods, the customer can lose confidence in your brand, not to mention the financial losses! With this marking, you will fight fraud significantly. Consumers will be assured that they have purchased an authentic VOID seal product.

Thus, the VOID is used in all areas and all sectors in order to secure goods. The VOID label is used in the luxury sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry but it is also used by the police, the army, banks, the food industry, etc.

VOID features

They are not uniform. Depending on your needs, you will have the following features:

- The colour

- Format: Void adhesive roll, tape, tape may also be chosen on the label size (for rolls)

- The message to be affixed (VOID, VOID, FALSE, etc.)

- Dimensions: Length and width

- The temperature of use: It varies between 10 and 35 ° C (depending on the resistance of the label)

- The warranty period / storage duration: 1 year (recommended duration)

- Composition materials: Acrylic, PET, polyester ... etc.

- Optional features: Perforation for example

Types of protection

The typology depends at the same time on the manufacturing material used and the residues left after removal of the protection.

You will find the following types of labels:

No residue: They only contain a message that appears on the label after opening. Customizable and very resistant, they are particularly recommended for non-porous areas.

With partial residue: These stickers leave both the safety signal on the label and traces on the surface concerned. In the event of suspected fraud, it is sufficient to verify the presence of the double proof of forced entry. They correspond perfectly to non-porous areas.

With total residues: It is possible to write other traceability elements such as the model on the adhesive tapes. Note that the seals are always numbered (unless specifically requested).

How it works ?

The security strips are adhesive on the back side. To install the opening indicator, you must first clean the surface that will accommodate it. Make sure there is no dust or traces of moisture. Then, carefully peel off the paper protection that protects the sticky side. Finally, put it on the chosen space.

On which supports can we use them?

VOID adhesive labels can be used on any medium: paper, cardboard, envelopes, pallets, fiber but also plastic, metal ... The VOID system is a perfectly suitable security measure if you want to secure your products of current risks such as fraud, theft, destruction or manipulation.