What do you need to know about the ears stainless steel clips ?

What do you need to know about the ears stainless steel clips ?

The single-use hose clamp is extremely useful. It is essential for the safety of various mechanical devices and for the tightness of a connection. The collar can be sold in galvanized, galvanized, cadmium plated or stainless steel form. Its corrosion resistance and chemical composition is variable. There are fixing clamps with solid or added band, double wire, trunnion etc... The earring has the advantage of being multi-purpose.

The uses of the ear clamp

The ear clamp is used in many fields such as electricity, mechanics, industry in general (food, automotive, agricultural), maintenance... It allows quick assembly and allows for example to connect welding pipes, connect compressed air pipes, crimp rubber or plastic pipes, assemble electrical cables. In automotive applications, it is applied to transmission bellows and cooling hoses. In the private sector, it can be installed on a high-pressure cleaner or a garden hose, for example.

It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is very solid and guarantees total safety during assembly. It would be inappropriate to twist or twist it. The only way to remove it is to cut it off.

A necklace made of stainless steel

The stainless steel earring is a very effective accessory that resists corrosion. Stainless steel is galvanized and subject to a very rigorous inspection regime. It thus escapes rust. To avoid damaging the parts to which it is applied, the collar is deburred during its manufacture (the joints left by the moulding are removed).

There are several categories of stainless steel. It is particularly recommended for sailors and boaters to use the most resistant. Some of them are tested in salt spray and specially adapted for navigation.

Feel free to refer to European standards, especially French or German.

The advantages

The earring is
• tamper-proof,
• economical,
• corrosion and pressure resistant,
• easy and quick to install,
• aesthetic,
• prevents injury to the user and cutting the pipe (deburring).

The choice of its diameter

To find the diameter of the collar, first measure the outside diameter of the pipe to be crimped and add 1 mm. The result obtained corresponds to the diameter to be chosen from the range of clamps.

The earrings available at Etigo

At Etigo, we offer you three models of earrings :

The single ear stainless steel clip

It is suitable for rubber or plastic pipes, electrical devices and various conduits.

one-eared necklace

• Available widths: from 3 to 7 mm

• Available diameters: from 2.9 to 30.7 mm

• Stainless steel : 404

• The single ear stainless steel clip

The single ear smooth stainless steel clip

His clamping force is highly concentrated. This collar is mainly used in industry and the automotive industry.

single-ear necklace without roughness

• Available widths: from 5 to 9 mm

• Available diameters: from 5.8 to 121 mm

• Stainless steel: 304

• The single ear smooth stainless steel clip

The double ear stainless steel clip

It is available in two stainless steel outlets and six widths.

two-eared necklace

• Available widths: from 3.5 to 8 mm

• Available diameters: from 3.1 to 18 mm

• Stainless steel: 304 or 3.0

• The double ear stainless steel clip

Sound assembly and disassembly

To mount the clamp, simply position it on the part to be crimped, insert the pipe between the clamp and the part and tighten gradually with the clamp.

To remove it, it must be cut in the width direction of the strip using the pliers. At Etigo, nus we offer you a clamp for earrings.